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Balloons & The Environment

MAD Balloons uses mostly Qualatex latex balloons from The Pioneer Balloon Company who are committed to responsible sourcing, and all Qualatex latex balloons are made from rubber trees located in plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. For more information, please see

The Mad Balloons team will survey their work area after every event to ensure that all left over balloon material is disposed of properly to the best of our ability. For all major sculptures and events, all spent balloons are returned to the shop for composting. Internal structures are reused whenever possible and recycled when necessary. Crew are required to use reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and car pool where possible. As a result, most projects achieve near zero waste.

Mad Balloons is a member of The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA), an organization committed to educate clients and the public in the positive environmental side of balloons, their correct use and disposal.PEBA is a great resource, and can be found at

Balloon Releases

MAD Balloons does not under any circumstances do balloon releases or supply balloons for release. We strongly condemn any organisation releasing balloons into the atmosphere.

If you have helium filled balloons at your event please be sure to pin them and bin them so that they are not released into the environment in error.